Комбикормовый завод Знаменский СГЦ




In 2006 the agroholding has laid the foundation of the selection and genetic center Znamensky in Orel region. The main function of the center is to provide commercial farms with genetic material for further production of the highest quality pork. In 2009 company TECHNEX has put into operation a compound feed mill with capacity 30 tons of compound feeds per hour for provision of all pig farms of the selection and genetic center Znamensky with qualitative compound feed. Specially selected technology makes it possible to completely provide the center with effective balanced feeds with regard to all requirements for each pig breed and cross. Quality of the raw materials and level of the technological infrastructure of the compound feed mill are the important factors for effective work of the whole Genetic center. Complete compound feeds for all age-sex groups and breeds of pigs based on grains, protein and vitamin-mineral raw materials are produced on high-tech equipment by company TECHNEX.