Комбикормовый завод ГК "Здоровая ферма"




The group of companies “Zdorovaya ferma” is the largest agro-industrial association in the Ural region. The holding consists of the poultry farms Argayashskaya, Kunashakskaya and Komsomolskaya, the pig farm Rodnikovsky, the processing plant “Zdorovaya ferma Delicatesy”, the compound feed mill, the trading house. “Zdorovaya ferma” has achieved the highest indexes in poultry farming in the Urals. In 2011 a compound feed mill of the group of companies “Zdorovaya ferma” was put into operation in the village Ishalino in Argayashsky district of Chelyabinsk region. Turn-key construction was carried out by company TECHNEX which is the main supplier of the technological and transport equipment for the whole enterprise.