Комбикормовый цех №2 АО "Промагро"




Pig-breeding farms as "The Oskol bacon-1", "The Oskol bacon-2" and "the Oskol bacon-3" which put into operation in 2016 are the parts of the holding. New compound-feed plant in the Rogovatoye village near the Stary Oskol of the Belgorod region is also constructed for providing the last pig-breeding farm with feeds.

Modular construction is a feature of the compound-feed plant. All production equipment as well as supporting metalwork with ladders and enclosures, the gravity-flowing equipment, products pipelines and air ducts, and the system of automated control of the plant for this project were supplied by the TECHNEX.

The plant reached the designed capacity in April, 2016. Less than one year was required for the implementation of all works including design, production and delivery, construction and installation with a commissioning.