Комбикормовый завод СПК "Птицефабрика Гайская"




On January 29, APC «Poultry plant Gayskaya» opened a feed mill. This enterprise will provide its own 18 poultry houses and a pig-breeding complex for 2.5 thousand heads with feed and other agricultural enterprises of the region. This plant will provide its own feed for 18 poultry houses, 5 ducklings, 3 goslings and a pig farm for 2.5 thousand heads. The productivity of the plant is 140,000 tons per year, which will allow providing other agricultural enterprises of the region with compound feed. All technological areas of the enterprise are equipped with high-precision equipment TECHNEX and are controlled by an automated system. The new plant will be able to produce compound feed according to an individual recipe and control the quality of products at all stages of production.