Magnetic separator is used for separation of metal magnetic impurities from the main product (grain, flour, intermediate ground materials, compound feed) on grain processing and compound feed plants.


  • Reduction of technological and transport equipment wear due to the removal of metal parts and particles from the raw materials.
  • Avoidance of inflammation risk caused by metal parts ingress into the equipment on the following stages of product processing.  
  • Product flow cleaning from all sides. Drum magnetic separator consists of two elements: rotating drum and permanent magnet, which magnetic field covers 180° of the drum.  



L, mm B, mm H, mm
SMB-0303 841 800 630
SMB-0306 1061 800 630
SMB-0507 1245 909 850
SMB-0512 1842 909 850
SMB-0303 SMB-0306 SMB-0507 SMB-0512
Throughput capacity (grain), m³/h up to 40 40-80 75-145 120-245
Throughput capacity (flour), m³/h up to 20 20-40 40-75 65-120
Drive power, kW 0,55 0,55 0,75 0,75
Weight, kg 165 205 345 480
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