Paddle mixer is used for producing high-homogeneous mixtures within a short time. 


  • Provide high mixing homogeneity of dry bulk components.

  • Minimum gaps between the paddles and the inner side of the mixer casing provide quality mixing and prevent the product deposit.  

  • Design of mixing paddles fixing makes it possible to adjust the clearance between the paddles and the mixer casing.

  • It is possible to move or to replace the worn paddles during the operation process.



L, mm B, mm H, mm
SP-6000 4310 2173 2671
SP-8000 4826 2173 2742
SP-10000 5060 2173 2742
SP-6000 SP-8000 SP-10000
Volume, l 6000 8000 10000
Batch weigh (max), kg 3750 5000 6250
Electric drive power, kW 2x30 2x45 2x45 / 2x55
Weight, kg 7200 7900 8832
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