Double-deck counterflow cooler


Counterflow cooler effectively cools the product (pellets, loose feed, expanded and extruded product, mill cake) after pelleting and hydrothermal treatment. There is a special system for product leveling in the cooler which provides uniform and qualitative cooling of pellets in the entire area of the cooler.

  • The used cooling scheme excludes the "heat shock" which leads to the pellet destruction. 

  • Smooth operation of the discharge system.

  • Application of thermal insulating covering in the upper part of the cooler and stainless steel.

  • The design provides even cooling and complete discharge of the cooler. 



L, mm B, mm H, mm
OPT-24K2R 2981 3370 4040
OTP-28K2R 3467 3393 4522
Cooling area, m² 11,52 15,68
Electric drive power, kW 3 4,4
Weight, kg 5055 6275
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