Systems of raw materials and finished products storage are an obligatory part of any processing plant. 

The mechanical engineering company “Technex” has developed and put into production its own range of storage systems comprising of assembled bins with square and rectangular cross-section. Precisely this form allows to use warehouse space most efficiently: the volume of storage increases by 25% in comparison with bins of a cylindrical form on the equal occupied space.

Bin systems have standard bearing parts and assemble both from separate bins and from construction units. Grid of bunkers: 1,25х2,5; 2,5х2,5; 1,5х3,0; 2,5х3,0 and 3,0х3,0 m. Structurally they consist of such basic parts as a supporting framework, wall panels, access holes, discharge troughs.

Wall panels are basic element of a construction. Dual coating smooth panels with a basic structure are used predominantly. It provides the largest durability of a construction and a possibility of storage of wide range of production including grain, different types of raw materials, compound feeds, protein vitamin-mineral concentrate and premixes. High level of water resistance and quantitative and qualitative safety is also an advantage of this type of panels.

Distinctive design characteristics of the “Technex” bins:

• high coefficient of space consumption – capacity of bins with square cross-section at 25% more than with a circular cross-section;

• conveying compactness – piled flat bins cells optimally fill the space a road train that significantly reduces transport expenses;

• the high speed of installation provided with special construction and accuracy of parts producing;

• maximal efficiency of the available space using due to high variability of separate bins configuration;

• ample opportunities for upgrade and increase of storage volumes by joining of new bins or building up of the available walls height.

Several thousands of panels may be necessary for construction of bin storage of large volume. The column lines spacing may be 1250, 1500, 2500, 3000 mm. Bins height changes with a spacing of 0,625 m that gives ample opportunities for designing of bin systems of the necessary sizes and volumes. In such a case the “Technex” guarantees absolute accuracy of products due to using laser cutting machines to layout of workpieces and a robotic line to welding. Panels are built up quickly because of high-precision producing. Ready-made bin modules are easily installed in warehouses on a base of weld metalwork. Internal walls of built-up modules "work" for two bins at the same time that excludes formation of a space for a dusting. Each bin is equipped with the access hole made in accordance with safety standarts. Its placement on a bin roof which at the same time is a floor for the upper level of storage is designed individually. Hermetically sealed holes are flushed on the floor. Durability and reliability of the hole are provided by reinforced steel plates. Making a concrete floor is also possible. A barrier is put up on a bin roof around the hole for an engineering area if it is necessary.

The equipment for raw materials loading is placed over the bins.

A roof is constructed over the equipment to ensure the safest and easiest functioning of it. The dry platform guarantees the longest service life of the equipment. Different methods for bin unloading in a motor transport are provided. It is necessary to mark that equipping of processing plants with the production and conveying equipment, a metalwork and bin storage systems "from single source" guarantees their full compatibility, simplifies installation, reduces terms and cost of project implementation. Similar decisions were appreciated by many agricultural producers both in Russia and abroad. Among the last completed projects – construction of compound-feed plants:

• for agrarian and industrial complex “PromAgro” (the Belgorod Region), capacity 10 TPH, including bin systems for raw materials and finished products storage;

• for agroholding “Ariant” (the Chelyabinsk Region), capacity 30 TPH, equipped with bin systems for storage of raw materials and finished products including protein vitamin-mineral concentrate;

• for "Veles Agro" (the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic), capacity 10 TPH.

These are one of numerous examples of successful cooperation. More than 500 client companies and 25 years of working in a field of production of the equipment for the compound-feed industry prove that the engineering company “Technex” can be trusted.

Bin systems “Technex” are the finished project according to individual customer requirement meeting the latest standarts.